It’s Been Over A Year (Follow Up + Techniques)

It’s been over a year since the last time I masturbated. I don’t know how long exactly. You know you’ve really quit something once you stop counting how much time had passed since the last time you did it. And this goes for all addictions. I really do not care anymore about the time, because masturbation is out of my life for good.

These days I do not look at porn at all, I do not think about porn, I do not fantasize about sex or sexual perversions, I do not touch myself below the waste, or stimulate myself in any way. I even stopped having sex, or climaxing in any way, because of my yoga and meditation practice. During the past year I came only several times during sex with my wife. But do not get discouraged by my abstinence. I’m taking it a bit further. Over the past year, my view changed not only on masturbation, but on sex also. I will tell you about it below.

It is work my friends. And it is not an easy one, but it’s worth it. Shaping yourself physically, mentally, spiritually is a daily task. Who cares what happened yesterday? Today is a new day and thus a new life. Every day is a new life and every morning you need to wake up and go to work on yourself. There is no limit to elevation. Although as far as habits go, it is harder in the beginning. Once you build up enough mental stamina – it is easier to maintain yourself. First you count the days, then weeks, then months, and once you pass a certain mark – you stop counting. You just don’t care anymore.

How did I do it? I described the methods in my first article. It is yoga and meditation. Making a decision is a first serious step, but then it comes to applicable daily techniques that will help you on your way. Just talking about it won’t help. You need to literally mold the new you. And you can do it, without any medication, or shrinks. We live in an age, where every type of information is available. It is an act of ignorance to not take an advantage of that.

It is all about the state of perception. Say you’ve been driving and old Volkswagen for all of your life. You know it’s not the best car in the world, maybe you even dread it – but it gets you where you need. Then you get a chance to test out a Ferrari. It a whole new level after which you have to go back to driving your old VW. You hate it, because now you’ve had the taste of something much more different and better in all terms. You wish you had a Ferrari instead of the old raggedy VW, but Ferrari is expensive and you can’t afford it. But what if you could have it for free? Would you stay with the old VW? J I tend to think “not”.

The same goes for your state of perception. Your VW is your old state of perception- Ferrari is the new. The only difference is that perceptions are free and anyone can afford a new perception. You just have to want it and work for it. When you masturbate, drink, do drugs, or live in any other type of harmful behavior – you are at a certain level of perception. This perception is certainly low, because if it wasn’t – you’d be addiction free. It is your physical state, your emotional state and your mental state that make this perception up. You’re driving an old VW, when you could be driving a Ferrari. Your old VW is a car, and it drives you and it takes you places, but it doesn’t stand anywhere near a Ferrari. So start driving a Ferrari, Bentley, Bugatti, whatever you want. Or get your own private Jet, Spaceship. There is no limit.

You’re living your old way of life and it is hard for you to get out of it, because you don’t have a stimulus. You don’t know what else is there. So you find no point in quitting, because your habits are the only means of pleasure in this life. What you’re doing is – you’re just putting in new seat covers into your old VW to make it look better J

What you need is a new perception. A new state of being. The state, where you would feel so much better, that you would not want to come back to your old way of life. The state, where you would see that life can be without masturbation, or any other addictions, without sexual perversions, without any dirty thoughts. The state, where you would be able to channel your life energy for the better, rather then let it go to waste. The state of a better health, feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships – the state of a new life. And the great thing is that going up has no limits, while going down always has a bottom.

In my previous article I was talking about Yoga and Meditation (Vipassana) as the means of attaining states of higher perceptions. And when I get letters asking me for steps needed to quit masturbation – I refer them back to the article. It is all there.

I try to do yoga everyday, and the same goes for meditation. Kundalini Yoga (Yogi Bhajan’s School) is a great school of yoga for fighting addictive behaviors. It has exercises and meditations that change your level of perception almost immediately. Even one class can change your life. You just have to want it and go for it. Kundalini gave ne a great start. I still practice Kundalini along with regular Hatha Yoga, which is also great. If you can’t find a Kundalini class near you, do not get discouraged. Look into Hatha, Ashtanga, or any other school of Yoga. They are all great and do their work.

Vipassana 11 day course has also drastically changed my life. It gave me the tool to strip away all the unnecessary mental and emotional trash, that had built up inside me over the course of my present and previous lives. I’ve been doing Vipassana for 5 months now and credit it for acquiring the emotional and mental peace that I had so very much needed. My head cleared from so many things. So many unwanted desires, feelings and emotions have left me. I stopped caring for sex, as the mean for lust. I became to view sex as a high act of love between two opposites, where a physical climax is not necessary. And act practiced solely as a manifestation of love for each other and God, and in preparation for the conception of a child. And that is what I’m interested in now. Anything else is of no interest to me. I have no interest in sex in terms of pure physical satisfaction.

Kundalini and Vipassana courses (11 day course is free, based solely on donation) and almost everywhere these days. You can talk the talk, but you need to walk the walk. We need practical, life applicable, everyday techniques – that will literally rebuilt us physically, emotionally and mentally. We need to see the result on ourselves!

For those who cannot find a class near them, or want to try something right away. I am giving an example of a breathing technique and a meditation that will both be of great help in fighting addictions. Both the breathing and the meditation are for fighting an addictive behavior. They are from Kundalini Yoga. If you are really serious about your new path – you’ll give them a try. These are powerful, ancient techniques that work.

And remember: Slip ups happen! But once you start practicing the techniques, you’ll become more and more reluctant to jeopardize your new state of being.

Hope this helps. Good Luck everyone and God Bless!

Stay and God Bless,



An Overall great site expounding the subject of Kundalini Yoga


Meditations and Breath:

Breath of fire is a crucial breathing technique. Not only it has an immense effect on your health, it is also a must in fighting addictive behavior. Practice it everyday as much as you can. Whenever you have a craving for something negative – sit down and do breath of fire for at least 5 minutes. The craving will subdue.

As for meditations – pick one and do it everyday. Even one time has an affect, but in order for the meditation to “kick in fully” – it needs to be practiced for 40 days. After 40 days it sets in your system. But you have to do it everyday. If you miss once, you have to start all over again. Do your best. Practice breath of fire before the meditation. You can find guidance on sitting postures on the web. If you cannot sit cross legged – sit in a chair. It doesn’t matter.

These are ancient secret and powerful techniques! They really work. Everything is in your hands now. You are given a way out. Now there will be no more excuses that you don’t know how to drop the habit. It’s all up to. This is still just a tip of the iceberg. I still strongly advise to find a yoga class near you or visit a Vipassana course.

God Bless!

Breath of Fire

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